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In 1936, Chinese athletes took part in the Berlin Olympic, which was the first step of Chinese nationality on the international sports arena. In the same year, the JiangxiNationalSportsCollege was established. Since then, the college has gone through several big transformations during its 80 years’ history. Now as one of the earliest sports college (school) in China, the Sports College of Jiangxi Normal University has a relatively large organization and advanced conditions in the whole country.

The college has 5 schools, 1 department and 1 institute: Physical Education School, SportsTraining School, TraditionalEthnicSportsSchool, SocialSportsSchool, SportsPerformanceSchool, Public Sports Department and Sports Science Institute. We also host a key lab of the General Administration of Sports of China, a sports culture research base of the General Administration of Sports of China, a national social sports instructors training base of the General Administration of Sports of China, a national aerobics training centre for adolescents, the Traditional Sports Teacher Training Base of Jiangxi province, the Demonstration Centre of Experiment Teaching in Universities in Jiangxi province and other provincial and national centers of teaching and research. The college has 5 undergraduate programmes including Physical Education (provincial brand), Sports Training, Traditional Ethnic Sports, Social Sports and Sports Performance. There are 1,600 full-time undergraduates and about 200 correspondence students. The college provides a Master’s program of Sports Science, which is the only case in the province. The Master’s program is academic, applied oriented and can be both full-time and part-time. There are about 200 postgraduates in total.

The college has a strong faculty which has yielded substantive research results. The faculty is composed of 131 staff, of which 112 are full-time teachers. In the 112 teachers, there are 17 professors, 60 associate professors; 41 are tutors for Master students and 50% teachers have Master’s degree, 16% has PhD. 1 teacher has the honor of Renowned Teacher of Jiangxi Province, 4  teachers are granted the Young Disciplinary Leading Figure of Jiangxi province, 1 is awarded the Young Backbone Teacher of Jiangxi province. In the last 5 years, staff of the college has published 30 monographs and textbooks and 380 articles on provincial, national and international key journals, chaired 80 provincial research programmes (including 9 National Social Science Foundation Programmes, and 20 programmes of the General Administration of Sports of China), and won over 100 provincial research prizes.

Based on our strength and objectives, the college has made fruitful explorations in personnel training for competitive sports. In recent years, we have trained more than 50 Olympic gold medalists as well as world, Asian and national champions like Yang Wenjun and Jin Ziwei. Since its establishment, the college has sent over 10,000 graduates to all over China, and hence has become an important base of personnel training for competitive sports, physical education, social sports and sports science research in Jiangxi province.

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